Fast Track Citizenship & Programs

European Citizenship by Investment

Malta (Starting from EUR 1,000,000)

Malta, the small island in the heart of the Mediterranean would be your excellent choice for immigration. The EU country offers a lot to investors; starting from real estate investment opportunities in one of the fast growing economies in the Schengen area to the chances of living, studying, and working in any of the EU countries.

Cyprus (Starting from EUR 2,000,000)

Cyprus offers a citizenship by investment program which is considered as the fastest route to obtain the citizenship of a European country. The safe, beautiful, and promising island offers its citizenship within 6 months in case of investing in real estate with EUR 2,000,000 without requiring actual residence in the country.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

Cayman Island (Starting from USD 1,200,000)

Cayman Island is part of the British Overseas Territory and is considered as an excellent destination and a financial haven for immigrants around the world. The tax-free country has various investment opportunities in the real estate sector and grants permanent residence to investors, with the chance to get the British passport under certain conditions and requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda (Starting from USD 100,000)

Antigua and Barbuda is a country in the West Indies in the Americas, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with a breath-taking nature and tranquil landscapes. The independent Commonwealth state grants investors the citizenship in case of investing in the country; paving the way to establish a successful, growing business.

St. Lucia (Starting from USD 100,000)

The island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea is a dream destination for travelers as well as immigrants. The fairy island is easily accessible with daily flights from Canada, US, and Europe and its government has launched a Citizenship by Investment Program that entitles investors the country’s citizenship within few months.

Grenada (Starting from USD 300,000)

The Caribbean country offers investors and migrant workers a high quality of life in a low-crime, friendly society and a naturally beautiful environment. Grenada is also considered as one of the most open economies in the world, with economic stability and relatively low inflation rate. The government of Grenada grants most favorable nation treatment to all foreign investors.

St. Kitts (Starting from USD 150,000)

The larger of the 2 Caribbean islands, St. Kitts is known for rainforested mountains and beaches of white, gray, and black sands. The naturally breath-taking country is considered as an excellent settlement option with a stable investing environment, as its government strongly encourages foreign investment that contributed with a great share in the island’s economic growth. St. Kitts citizens are also granted a powerful passport that guarantees free mobility with visa free travel for more than 140 countries including EU Schengen countries, the UK and Canada.

Dominica (Starting from USD 100,000)

The mountainous Caribbean island with the natural hot springs and tropical rainforests covering two thirds of the island is an investor-friendly country that imposes no restrictions on the foreign ownership of business. With the country’s growing economy, you are promised to increase your investment profits while living in a country that is considered as a gateway to Europe, and whose citizenship guarantees free mobility with visa free travel for over 120 countries.

Residency programs leading to citizenship

European Residency by Investment

Malta (Starting from EUR 30,000)

The Mediterranean island offers another program beside the Citizenship by Investment: Residence and Visa Program. The program entitles the applicant to get a residence permit if they meet certain requirements.

Cyprus (Starting from EUR 300,000)

Cyprus offers a permanent residency program through investment in real estate for a total value of EUR 300,00, in a fast process that usually takes only two months from the date of filing the application.

Portugal (Starting from EUR 250,000)

The Mediterranean country bordering Spain is an excellent platform for travel and business with access to the Schengen countries. The Golden Visa program entitles applicants a five- year Residence and according to the law, the government grants the Portuguese nationality through naturalization to foreigners who fulfill the requirement to be legally resident in Portuguese territory for at least six years.

Greece (Starting from EUR 250,000)

The beautiful, breathtaking country is a famous destination for acquiring permanent residence by investing in real estate. A five-year Residency Permit can be granted to those who own or purchase real estate in Greece with value of EUR 250,000 or more. On the other hand, the whole procedure of acquiring the permit usually takes few months and after seven years the applicant can apply for the Greek citizenship.

Bulgaria (Starting from EUR 511,000)

The southeastern European country is a one of the EU members and is considered as one of the fast growing economies in the Union with low tax rates and preferable residency options. Acquiring the Bulgarian citizenship is considered as the cheapest option for acquiring a European nationality and entitles you to live, travel, study, and work throughout the EU countries.