USA (Starting from USD 500,000) immigration

The United Kingdom welcomes foreign entrepreneurs in order to start their business in the country with a fast-processing residency permit for themselves as well as for their families for 3 years and 4 months, then to be extended for another 2 years.

Moreover, the investor visa holders can apply for settlement (also referred to as an indefinite leave to remain) after a period of 5 years stay in the UK.

Our experts at WIS will evaluate your eligibility and help you with the application process in order to avoid famous errors that might lead to application refusal.

The most desirable and popular destination for immigration, the United States is the land of hope and opportunities offering the migrants a decent life and favorable circumstances to achieve everything they can dream of.

At WIS we are happy to determine your best options and help you to achieve your immigration goals by evaluating your eligibility and setting you on the right path.

Why US?

  • One of the strongest economies in the world
  • Cultural diversity and openness to all nationalities
  • Political and religious freedom
  • Financial stability for all family
  • Great education opportunities
  • Obtaining citizenship for children